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Transforming Waste Plastics Into Possibilities

Welcome to PDO Technologies, the advanced recycling company paving the way to the future of a "circular economy". Here at PDO, we are determined to get things done, fueled by our motivation to create a more sustainable world. Our proven technology at scale, converts plastic waste into Circular Polymer Feedstocks that can be reintroduced into the plastics supply chain, displacing the need for new raw materials. Our goal is to prevent plastic from entering landfills, oceans, or the natural environment ever again.


With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to clean the local environment, give "unrecyclable" plastics another life, and employ local members of the community. Founded in 2014, our incredible team of engineers, chemists and recyclers have worked tirelessly to bring PDO Technologies to local communities.


In order to provide excellent solutions, we dedicate time and resources to research the market needs

and our users’ habits and motives.

Get in touch to learn more.

Image by Brian Yurasits
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PDO Technologies designs, builds and deploys plastic conversion equipment capable of scaling to meet the size and heterogeneity of any plastic waste stream. Our Research & Development facility, pictured above, is a subset of our 25 ton-per-day system and has allowed us to refine our system's efficiencies and manufacture high-value products used as feedstocks to create virgin-grade plastic resins. Our goal has always been to produce a technology that will clean the local environment, create valuable "circular" feedstocks, and employ local members of the community. Click below to get in touch and set up a meeting with our team.


5016 Waconda Rd NE Brooks, Oregon, USA

Business Development:

Brent Bostwick: 206.498.2957

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