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About Us

Creating Solutions At Every Turn

Developing viable technologies that convert waste plastic, anywhere in the world, into useful products. 

Our Story

Kevin DeWhitt has spent 24 years actively engaged in the waste conversion technology sector.  In 2004, he founded Agilyx Corporation and spent the next 10 years developing a commercial system capable of converting waste plastic into synthetic crude oil.  He has been granted eight patents nationally and one international patent in this emerging field and in 2012-13, three 50-ton per day (TPD) commercial installations of the Agilyx waste plastic conversion system was completed.

Mr. DeWhitt left Agilyx in the summer of 2014 in order to refocus his efforts on small scale efforts that could better serve local communities; it is his belief that properly scaled and implemented waste conversion technologies will lead to sustainable outcomes, notably localized environmental restoration, localized job creation and localized energy production.  He founded PDO Technologies, Inc. (“PDO”) to concentrate on these challenges. 

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